Face the world again

Providing Empaths the tools they need to step into their power!

See if you're ready to take the next step in your awakening journey

You know this is for you if you:

  • Are ready to heal your inner wounds & shine as the Divine Spark you truly are
  • Are ready to fully stand in your power and claim your sovereignty
  • Have awakened to the darkness around you and you want to TURN UP your light
  • Are ready to step into your purpose & Be The Light
  • Are ready to live your BEST LIFE

This ISN'T right for you yet if:

  • You're still defending your limitations
  • You aren't ready to take a look at the false light masking our world
  • You're not  comfortable stepping out from the crowd
  • You, at your core, can't acknowledge you are a being of LIGHT & LOVE
  • You aren't ready to know the truth
  • You aren't ready to live YOUR LIFE PURPOSE

Are You Ready To Step Fully Into The Light?


Tap into Your Potency with the Support You Need

What to Expect:

During this 12-week intensive course, we begin by sharing with you the foundation tools to gain your potency, and by the end of the 12-weeks you have accelerated to facilitator competency.  Every week we meet via Zoom conferencing for live facilitation and weekly lessons, as well as a weekly remote healing & attunement session.  To make sure that every day is full of support, we also have a private Facebook group to submit questions, celebrations and video diary shares along the way.  If you are ready for a transformation, we are ready to support you on your journey.

Hey, Greetings Light Being!

I wanted to share a little inspiration with you and let you know that you aren't alone out there in this great big Universe!  For years, I've been connecting with psychically gifted and highly aware individuals by helping them see their gifts as the God-given blessings they truly are and sharing my knowledge on how to elevate your awareness & potency.  I've helped many find way more ease in everyday living, and alignment with a whole lot more of what they were asking for in terms of heightened spirituality, happier finances, relationship joy, body love, career expansion, inner sovereignty, and much more! I love celebrating your success with these incredible tools!  Let me know how I can support you on your journey.  

In this certified training program, you will receive extensive training in:





*   ...MUCH MORE!

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Get Clear on Your Purpose

Receive tools for you to empower yourself with the information of your greatest purpose and unlock your superpowers!

Live Facilitation

Receive support each week with LIVE facilitation and an open forum for personalized coaching and energy shifts with a group of your peers.

Up-leveling Weekly

Receive personalized energy healing weekly by removing unwanted implants and activating higher frequencies within the body.

Who is Jennifer Lamkins?







Working as an empowerment coach since 2013, Jennifer has opened the doors for hundreds of men and women to unlock their true potential and live a more aligned life using her power of intuition and deep desire to assist others in their healing of past traumas, reclaim their sovereignty, and develop a trusting relationship with Divine Consciousness (God).


Karen Bergman
Dayna Coenen
Amanda Jo Moody
Lori Smith
Nickie Huss
Corinne Meyer
Hani Cheng

A Life I Love!

Five years ago I felt trapped, miserable and stuck in my life. Jennifer gave me the tools to find my own path and create a life I love!

Neenah, WI USA

A rare jewel!

Jen is a rare jewel! My coaching sessions with her have brought such insight beyond what I ever thought was possible for me. She has the ability to help you see who you really are and what you're capable of.

San Clemente, CA USA


Jennifer is a POWERHOUSE of consciousness & intuitive empowerment!

Pacific Grove, CA USA

Remembering Me

Working with Jennifer has been so incredible! It's helped me skyrocket my business and find joy in my life like I did when I was a kid. I remember who the real me is again!

Appleton, WI USA

Endless possibilities!

Jennifer has been truly amazing in helping me open myself to the endless possibilities the universe has to offer. I have learned a lot about myself, how to center myself, ground myself, and heal myself. She has always been caring, supportive and encouraging. My journey with Jennifer has been amazing and I can't wait to see what the future holds!

Menasah, WI USA

To the next level

Jen has helped me move into the next level of my spiritual awareness! As a spiritually aware person, I learned more tools and better ways to protect & connect to my abilities.

Neenah, WI USA


Jen is a perceptive and incredibly energetically aware guide and coach. She's able to see through the BS and pinpoint the blocks so you can face some hard but beneficial truths about where you're stuck.

Paris, France

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More Ways Jennifer Can Support Your Future Success

J-Seals Removal

The J Seals removal was an epic shift in my spiritual evolution.  Now I am honored to be trained to deliver this powerful removal to you.  By doing so, you restore the body back to your original natural blueprint prior to negative overlays that have stunted strands of your DNA and with the removal allow its true activation.  After this removal you will be open to higher light integrations and open to an improvement in your physical and emotional body allowing for ascension.   This powerful release takes 3 to 6 months for total completion but most of my clients say that they feel a shift immediately during our 60-min session!

BONUS You will also receive bonus Zeta Seal removal, Alien Implant/s removals, and DNA activation.

Private Coaching

Do you know that things could be better but haven't quite put your finger on the exact problem and are looking for the clarity required to move through the hurdle so you can unleash your true potential?

Jennifer helps you move through the subconscious blocks that have stopped you by releasing old programming, stagnant energy and addictive behaviors in the way.  Is it time to acknowledge the issue, flip it on its head and reclaim your potency?  You bet it is!  

Or, make a bigger impact with more accountability by commitment to a 6-month or 12-month coaching program.

Expand Your Brand

There is a totally different way to create your business much FASTER & a lot more FUN!

This may not be how everybody does business, but if you are a entrepreneur that has found that doing "business as usual" using "standard business practices" is slowing you down, killing your business or making you feel like you can't get it right.... you may need to admit that you are a massive creator who does things a whole lot differently than most.  

Once you understand that, and how to use your potency to your advantage you will see your business soar!