March 17

Fear is Contagious


We can use experiences to reinforce what’s not working or use it to grow into a greater version of ourselves.  We all waiver daily.  It’s not about always being 100% perfect.  It is about acknowledging that energy flows where our attention goes. 

We live in, what I refer to as the ‘Duality Of Reality’ and we get to choose which reality paradigm gets the majority of our focus. 

We can focus on a fear-driven by punishment and reward way of being where you have to suffer to succeed. 

Or, We can focus on love – a Source-based paradigm that supports and delivers our beautiful desires just by depositing your higher vibrational thoughts, feelings & emotions.  That is your effort.   

That may seem confusing to some.  That’s because you’ve spent your life in the fear Matrix and are entranced with fear chemicals. 

If this is you, there is a way out.  It’s as simple as taking the red pill (Matrix movie analogy) instead of the blue pill. (And if we really remember the movie details, the blue guys weren’t all that happy,… just unaware.)

How? You may be asking, especially if you’re knee deep in this program.

You can start by redirecting your fear thoughts by just noticing them and intentionally choose a different thought. 

I suggest asking a very simple question. 

What’s my favorite color?

What time did I go to bed last night?

What color are my dog, muffin’s eyes?

By doing this, your brain has no choice, but to redirect its efforts to comply with your query.  Isn’t that cool?  Its a simple way disrupt an old pattern and get you refocused onto something mundane.  Then, you can slip in something positive, like simply saying to yourself  

I got this!

The universe has my back!

I am in control of my  reality.

This can take a bit if you’ve never done it before.  But practice makes perfect miracles.


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Fear is Contagious

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