Slide THE LIGHT BRINGER'S JOURNEY This incredible journey cracks open the seemingly known to reveal truth at its core. If you feel called to my courses and training, you a Light Bringer, ready to step into your light and shine brightly!

I evolve as you evolve; we take this journey together. The classes can be used in sequential order. If this is your first time working on releasing stuck patterns, please begin with Beyond 2.0 and from there you can go where you are led. And, when you are ready, you can receive the Light Beings Facilitator Training, stepping into the role as Guide.

If you have done similar work before joining us here, please follow your knowing as to where to being. Namaste.
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BEYOND 2.0 Releasing EVERYTHING that isn't working to have more of YOU

Just Beginning to choose you? Need MORE Release?

This 10-20 minute learning platform is set to engage all your senses and deliver the material in smaller more consumable segments
FACILITATOR TRAINING The Ultimate Experience & Training

In this training Deep Dive you will receive attunements, removals, training, lectures, handouts, support, & clearings to align with becoming a Light Beings Matrix Healing Master Trainer.

This is a committed journey
REIKI I TRAINING Learn Reiki I from 5D

Reiki I training and attunment will be an upgrade to our classic Reiki as it levels into 5D transformation
PRIVATE MEMBERSHIP Monthly Subscription
Intuitive Insights & Exploration

Each week we will explore healing modalities with step-by-step guidance to activate your capacities.

Support + Community + Celebration
REIKI II TRAINING Learn Reikii from 5D

Reiki II training and attunments will be an upgrade to our classic Reiki II as it levels into 5D transformation